German Economists Abroad

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Christmas Meeting of German Economists Abroad (GEA)
This two day conference takes place every year right before Christmas
and gives a forum for German Economists to meet each other.
The conference is hosted every year by a different German institution.

Next meeting:
December 21.-22, 2016, Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung Berlin, local organizer: Christoph Raiser (DIW Berlin), Program

Organizing committee:
Stephan Heblich (Bristol)
Berthold Herrendorf (ASU)
Theresa Kuchler (NYU) Ralph Ossa (Chicago)
Carolin Pflueger (UBC)
Holger Sieg (UPenn)
Johannes Stroebel (NYU)

Programs of the last meetings:
December 2015, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, local organizer: Florian Englmaier, Program
December 2014, University of Kiel and Institute for Global Economy, local organizer: Eckhardt Bode, Program
December 2013, University of Konstanz, local organizer: Leo Kaas, Program
December 2012, University of Cologne, local organizer: Felix Bierbrauer, Program
December 2011, European School of Management and Technology in Berlin, local organizer: Paul Heidhues, Program
December 2010, Goethe University in Frankfurt, local organizer: Guido Friebel, Program
December 2009, University of Heidelberg, local organizer: Andreas Roider, Program
December 2008, University of Bonn, local organizer: Urs Schweizer, Program
December 2007, University of Mannheim and ZEW, local organizer: Konrad Stahl, Program
December 2006, University of Munich and CES Ifo, local organizer: Klaus Schmidt, Program
December 2005, Humboldt University in Berlin, local organizer: Harald Uhlig, Program
December 2004, University of Bielefeld, local organizers: Walter Trockel and Ralf Koenig, Program

German Economits Abroad (GEA) was founded in 2004 by Berthold Herrendorf, Walter Trockel & Michèle Tertilt and established at the inaugural meeting in Bielefeld.
Its goal is to offer a platform for the intellectual exchange
between german economists who work abroad with those who do research in Germany.

Former program committee members are Volker Nocke (University of Mannheim)& Karl Schmedders (University of Zuerich)