Research that incorporates elements from family economics into a macro framework has become quite popular over the last decade. Fertility, marriage, and home production decisions are more and more regarded as having potentially big effects on the aggregate economy.

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Check out economists working in this area

Stefania Albanesi , Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Siwan Anderson , University of British Columbia

Raquel Bernal , Universidad de los Andes

Maristella Botticini , UniversitŠ Bocconi

David de la Croix , UC Louvain (Belgium)

Mariacristina De Nardi , Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Matthias Doepke , Northwestern University

Lena Edlund , Columbia University

Raquel Fernandez , New York University

Alessandra Fogli , Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and University of Minnesota

Oded Galor , Brown University

Jeremy Greenwood , University of Pennsylvania

Nezih Guner , Universitat AutÚnoma de Barcelona

Moshe Hazan , Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Larry E. Jones , University of Minnesota

John Knowles , Southhampton University

Oksana Leukhina , University of Washington

Claudia Olivetti , Boston University

Victor Rios-Rull , University of Minnesota

Cezar Santos , University of Mannheim

Alice Schoonbroodt , University of Iowa

Ananth Seshadri , University of Wisconsin-Madison

Aloysius Siow , University of Toronto

Alessandra Voena , Kennedy School, Harvard

Joachim Voth , University of Zurich

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