Resources for Bachelor- and Master Students

Office Hours: Please make an appointment by contacting Mrs. Jann-Grahovac

  1. Interested in going for an economics PhD? Resources on how to apply (and whether you should):
  2. Where should you get your master's degree in economics?
    • The following organizations rank graduate economics programs using various approaches:
  3. Bachelor Thesis
    • a. think about a topic or an area you want to write about.
      b. talk to me about a topic (make an appointment by contacting Mrs. Jann-Grahovac).
      d. specifications: 30 pages text (exclusive bibliography and appendix), 1.5 spaced, appropriate margins, preferably in English and preferably using LaTex.
      More information in German here.
      e. Library Resources: For writing a Bachelor Thesis, some knowledge of literature search etc. might be useful.

      The library team offers introductory courses. Information about Courses, Tutorials & More can be found here (courses are generally taught in German, one course is also offered in English). You can register for the courses via the Studierendenportal.

      For more information, please contact the Economics library team.
      f. Moreover, the new academic writing consultancy for all students of the Bachelor of Science program in Economics offers help regarding all questions in the academic writing and research process. The following Guidelines for Bachelor Theses might also help you. For additional information contact Mrs. Lydia Prexl
      e. If you would like to do Data Analysis please have a look at the slides on Panel Data Analysis Fixed and Random Effects using Stata

Previous Bachelor Theses: