Macroeconomics, Family Economics Consumer Credit, Growth, Development and Demography

Research Summary

For a summary of my research, check out my ERC grant Gender Differences: A Macroeconomic Perspective, as well as my NSF grant Macro Models of Household Formation and Fertility, my slides at the Yrjö Jahnsson Award lecture and my NSF CAREER grant Macroeconomic Implications of Gender Roles and Consumer Credit Markets . See also this research agenda published in the Economic Dynamics Newsletter, my current CRC project and this audio slideshow (German).

Working Papers/ Work in Progress

Status Externalities and Low Birth Rates in Korea, Poster with Seongeun Kim and Minchul Yum, work in progress.

Consumer Credit with Over-Optimistic Borrowers, SLIDES with Florian Exler, Jim MacGee and Igor Livshits, work in progress.

Asymmetric Information in Couples with Matthias Doepke, work in progress.

Parental Control and Fertility History with Alice Schoonbroodt, work in progress.

Domestic Violence over the Business Cycle, SLIDES, VIDEO with Gerard van den Berg, work in progress, December 2012.

Published and Forthcoming Papers

Does Female Empowerment Promote Economic Development?, SLIDES, Discussion in VOXDev, Codes and Data (zip), VIDEO with Matthias Doepke, Journal of Economic Growth, forthcoming.

An Equilibrium Model of the African HIV/AIDS Epidemic, SLIDES, Discussion in VoxEU, Discussion in VOXDev, Appendix, Replication Files with Jeremy Greenwood, Philipp Kircher, Cezar Santos, Econometrica, Vol. 87, No. 4, 1081–1113, July 2019 (an older NBER working paper version can be found here).

Women's Empowerment, the Gender Gap in Desired Fertility, and Fertility Outcomes in Developing Countries, SLIDES, Codes and Data (zip), with Matthias Doepke,
American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings, May 2018.

The Role of Marriage in Fighting HIV: A Quantitative Illustration for Malawi with Jeremy Greenwood, Philipp Kircher, Cezar Santos,
The American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings, 2017.

Families in Macroeconomics, Cross-Country Data, Time Series Data with Matthias Doepke,
chapter in Handbook of Macroeconomics,
Volume 2, 1-2693, edited by John B. Taylor and Harald Uhlig, Elsevier B.V., December 2016.

The Democratization of Credit and the Rise in Consumer Bankruptcies, SLIDES, Appendix, Supplementary Data with Igor Livshits and James MacGee,
Review of Economic Studies, Vol. 83 (4), 1673-1710, 2016.

Gender Gaps in Completed Fertility, SLIDES with Erica Field, Vera Molitor and Alice Schoonbroodt,
Journal of Demographic Economics, Vol. 82(02), 167-206. June 2016.

The Association Between Own Unemployment and Female Victimization Among Female Youths with Gerard van den Berg,
Journal of Economics and Statistics, Special Issue, JBNST - Vol. 235/4+5, 499-513, 2015.

Property Rights and Efficiency in OLG Models with Endogenous Fertility, SLIDES, Supplementary Appendix, Technical Appendix with Alice Schoonbroodt,
Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 150, 551–582, March 2014.

The Economics and Politics of Women's Rights with Matthias Doepke and Alessandra Voena,
Annual Review of Economics, Vol. 4, 339-372, July 2012.

Families as Roommates: Changes in U.S. Household Size, SLIDES with Todd Schoellman and Alejandrina Salcedo,
Quantitative Economics, 2012, Vol. 3, 122-175, March 2012.

Accounting for the Rise in Consumer Bankruptcies, SLIDES, Appendix, Replication Files with Igor Livshits and Jim MacGee,
American Economic Journal: Macro, Vol. 2, No. 2, 165-193, April 2010.

Fertility Theories: Can they explain the Negative Fertility-Income Relationship? with Larry E. Jones and Alice Schoonbroodt,
chapter in Demography and the Economy, 43-100, edited by John Shoven, University of Chicago Press, November 2010. (Also available as NBER Working Paper # 14266.)

Women's Liberation: What's in it for Men?, Appendix, SLIDES, Discussion in VOX with Matthias Doepke,
Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol. 124, No. 4, 1541-1591, November 2009.

A Note on Marriage Market Clearing with Urvi Neelakantan,
Economic Letters, 2008, Vol 101, pp. 103-105, June 2008.

An Economic History of Fertility in the U.S.: 1826-1960 with Larry E. Jones,
chapter in book Frontiers of Family Economics, Vol. 1 edited by Peter Rupert, Emerald Press, 2008. (Also available as NBER Working Paper No. 12796.)

Efficiency with Endogenous Population Growth, Appendix, SLIDES with Mikhail Golosov and Larry E. Jones ,
Econometrica, July 2007, Vol 75 (4), 1039-1071, July 2007.

Consumer Bankruptcy - A Fresh Start with Igor Livshits and Jim MacGee,
The American Economic Review, Vol. 97 (1), 402-418, March 2007.

Polygyny, Women's Rights, and Development
Journal of the European Economic Association, Vol. 4(2-3), 523-530, May 2006.

Marriage Laws and Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa with Todd Schoellman,
The American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings, Vol. 96(2), 295-298, May 2006.

Polygyny, Fertility, and Savings, Data, SLIDES
Journal of Political Economy, Vol.113 (6), 1341-1371, December 2005.

IPUMS - CPS , An Integrated Version of the March Current Population Survey, 1962-2002 with Miriam L. King,
Historical Methods, Vol. 36, 35-40, Winter 2003.