Former Ph.D. Students

Macro Hike 2015
Macro Hike 2015

One of the great things about being a professor is that it gives me a chance to get involved with PhD students. I consider myself very lucky to have been involved with a fantastic group of students both at Stanford and the University of Mannheim. I have been involved in many ways, from teaching second year classes, the regular macro bag lunch we have been running for years, many years as placement director at Mannheim and Director of Graduate Studies. Over the years, I have also advised many students. It is always fun to see students evolve from struggling first years, to taking their first research steps, to becoming successful job market candidates and in some cases co-authors. I have learned a lot from PhD students over the years. A list of all previous Mannheim PhD students can be found here.

Macro Hike 2016
Macro Hike 2016
Macro Hike 2022
Macro Hike 2022

Below I am listing those I have worked with more closely. Some as main advisor, others as committee member or more informal advisor. Many continue to do research at various institutions all over the world (from the University of Chicago to the University of Vienna) others decided to use their economic skills for real world policy-making (for example, at the Mexican Central Bank, the Irish Central Bank or the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau), while others opted for a career in the private sector (from insurance companies to banking). I am very proud of all of them.

Where are they now?

Name, Year First placement Dissertation
Tsung-Hsien Li (2022) Assistant Research Fellow, Academia Sinica Essays in Macroeconomics and Consumer Finance
Jan Sun (2022) Senior Economist, Oxford Economics Essays in Macroeconomics and Consumer Finance
Moritz Drechsel-Grau (2021) Assistant Professor, Ludwig-Maximilians-University München Essays in Macroeconomics and Labor Economics
Felix Holub (2021) Assistant Professor, Goethe University Frankfurt Essays in Labor and Environmental Economics
Fabian Greimel (2020) Assistant Professor, University of Amsterdam Essays on the Macroeconomics of Housing Markets
Tim Obermeier (2019) IFS, Postdoc Essays in Public Finance and Family Economics
Vahe Krrikyan (2019) Scope Ratings AG Essays in Development Macroeconomics
Hanno Foerster (2019) Boston College, Assistant Professor Essays in Labor and Family Economics (Awards: Wirtschaftspreis der Joachim-Herz-Stiftung,
UniCredit Foundation: Best Paper Award in Gender Economics)
Xiaodi Wang (2018) Business Analyst, Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation Essays on Family Economics and Intra-household Bargaining
Xue Zhang (2018) Credit Risk Model Expert, KBC Bank Essays on Financial Crises and Bank Capital Regulation
Isabel Santana (2017) Postdoctoral Fellow, University of East Anglia Three Essays in Development Economics: Evidence from the Philippines
Florian Exler (2017) Assistant Professor, University of Vienna Consumer Debt and Default (Dissertation Award: Ludwig-Erhard-Preis 2018)
Johannes Pöschl (2017) Research Economist, Danish Central Bank Essays on Financial Frictions in Macroeconomics
Anna Hammerschmid (2016) PostDoc (Bera Program), DIW-Berlin Essays in Empirical Health, Labor, and Family Economics
Wieland Hoffmann (2016) Sparkassen Rating & Risikosysteme Essays on House Price Formation and Household Leverage
Henning Roth (2016) Alte Leipziger-Hallesche Family Policies and the Macroeconomy
Giuseppe Corbisiero (2015) Central Bank of Ireland Essays in Applied Macroeconomic Theory
Vera Molitor (2014) Ernst and Young Family Economics in Developing Countries (Dissertation Award: Förderpreis des Entwicklungsökonomischen Ausschusses des Verein für Socialpolitik 2015)
Daniel Harenberg (2012) Postdoc, ETH Zurich & Junior Research Fellow, Goethe University Frankfurt Consumption, Savings, and Insurance with Incomplete Markets
Alessandra Voena (2011) Assistant Professor, The University of Chicago Essays in Applied Microeconomics
(UniCredit Foundation: Best Paper Award in Gender Economics)
Patricia Macri-Lassus (2010) Private sector Trading Mechanisms for Financial Exchanges
Alejandrina Salcedo Cisneros (2009) Mexican Central Bank Essays on Development Economics
Soohyung (Soo) Lee (2008) Assistant Professor, University of Maryland Essays on Household Formation and Income Inequality
Todd Kurtis Schoellman (2007) Assistant Professor, Clemson University Quantitative Explorations of the Aggregate Economy
Felix Reichling (2007) Analysis Group Dynamic Decision Making in Frictional Labor Markets
Benjamin Andrew Malin (2006) Federal Reserve Board of Governors Essays on Dynamic General Equilibrium Economies
Prakash Kannan (2006) IMF, Research Department Essays on International Money
Amar V. Nair (2006) Private sector International Financial Intermediation and Currency Mismatches : Original Sin and Conflicted Virtue
Wentong Zheng (2005) Steptoe & Johnson LLP Three Essays on Empirical Studies of Crime
Cameron Shelton (2005) Assistant Professor, Wesleyan University Essays on the Political Economy of Fiscal and Monetary Policy
Ilhyock Shim (2005) BIS Essays on Dynamic Banking Regulation
Zhu-Qin Zhou (2004) ERS The Impacts of Ownership, Competition, and Managed Care on Hospital Performance : Evidence from Medicare